Unmatched Visibility for Drivers

5-Star Direct Vision Standard Rating

Reimagined design

Our engineers have completely reimagined truck design from the ground up. This creative and technological redesign has enabled us to tackle the challenges faced by our industry and modern urban landscapes today. We have created a truck with an entirely new level of visibility and safety by placing driver comfort and vision at the core of our design philosophy.

Making cities safer

Embarking on a design journey from scratch, a primary focus was on enhancing driver visibility, eliminating blind spots, and making it much easier to see vulnerable road users. With this in mind, we tailored our truck design to be better suited for the city environment it inhabits – with a lower seating position, 220-degree glass house visibility and 360-degree cameras.

“The Volta Cab design is the highest performing cab design that has been tested under the TfL DVS method. The rating of the Volta Cab design is DVS TfL 5 star.”

Dr Steve Summerskill
Loughborough University Report 2023

Awarded by TfL (Transport for London)

Surpassing the competition

Our enhanced design ensures that the Volta Zero boasts exceptional visibility for the driver, far surpassing our competition. Our truck provides an unparalleled field of view that is at least 50% superior to any other truck, electric or otherwise. In truth, the Volta Zero is so far ahead of our rivals that the recent 5-star Direct Vision Standard (DVS) rating for best-in-class visibility seems understated.

“During the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan’s visit to our facility, we were proud it was suggested by architects of the DVS system that a new 10-star scale could be required – to properly illustrate just how far ahead our trucks really are in terms of visibility”

Duncan Forrester
Chief Communications Officer

Visibility of vulnerable road users

This unprecedented degree of visual clarity means a much safer environment for other road users, especially cyclists and pedestrians, as they can now be more easily seen by drivers, reducing the potential for accidents.

Driving made easier

The innovative design of the Volta Zero is not just great news for other road users, it is also provides significant benefits for the drivers of our trucks. Greater visibility means driving is much easier and less stressful, while the lower seat position allows much more convenient access to the truck. The driver’s well-being is a key point in our pursuit of sustainable living.

Transforming perceptions

By creating safer trucks that are less stressful to drive, what was once considered a taxing, high-stress and hazardous job is transformed into a much more appealing career path, attracting a diverse pool of potential drivers.

Direct visibility: A deliberate design choice

The exceptional visibility and safety features of the Volta Zero weren’t a mere coincidence, but a deliberate design choice. We drew inspiration from Dr. Summerskill’s pioneering work on the Direct Vision Standard, integrating his findings into our cab design for optimal visibility and safety in urban environments – the natural habitat for the Volta Zero. Hear from Dr. Summerskill himself as he comments on the Volta Zero’s achievement of the highest-ever Direct Vision Standard rating!

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