What we stand for:

Leading the decarbonisation of city centres

Our Vision

To be the leader in zero-tailpipe emission transport, reducing the effects of global warming and making our cities safer, healthier and more pleasant for all.

Listen to our Founder’s vision

Carl-Magnus Norden, Volta Trucks’ founder, describes his vision for the company, and explains where he got his inspiration from and why we need electric trucks to disrupt the market and become a reality, now.

“By eliminating the diesel engine, we were able to totally
redesign the urban freight delivery truck from zero.”

Carl-Magnus Norden
Founder, Volta Trucks

From its all-electric drivetrain to the leasing business model solution we’ve applied human-centric design thinking to every detail, resulting in a complete reimagination of today’s urban truck.

The Volta Zero

Built from zero to be safer.

Safer for people

with the best-in-class safety features for drivers, pedestrians, and other road users compared to any other truck of its kind.

Safer for cities

and planet—all-electric, zero—tailpipe emissions, and sustainable.

And safer for business

because it’s not just a truck, we offer a complete ecosystem of leasing, operation, and support that accelerates, de-risks and simplifies fleet electrification.

“We aim to lower emissions in cities, reduce accidents with pedestrians and cyclists, and create the safest and best workplace for the drivers. Our goal is to contribute to a healthier, cleaner, and safer urban environment.”

Carl-Magnus Norden
Founder, Volta Trucks


Designed with Purpose

At Volta Trucks, we’re not just about changing gears;
we’re shifting paradigms.


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