Covid And A Slow Return To A New Normal.
By Rob Fowler | 21 December 2020

In recent days, a coronavirus vaccine has been approved for implementation, but it's likely that the positive sentiment of the vaccine will outpace the actual speed of rollout into the mainstream, that would allow the world to return to a new normal. It's likely that mass immunization will take most of 2021, by which time the current flexible working practices, the acceleration of online retail and the avoidance of public transport will have become so embedded as to be very difficult to change. This will fundamentally and irreversibly change our city centre environments, meaning less commuters into city centres and the consequent demise of the economies that serve these communities, such as coffee shops, news agents etc. However, there will be upsides for mobility, with the drop in commuter congestion, and the onward improvements in air quality. Air pollution will likely be enhanced if the utilisation of public transport continues to drop, with a further increase in personal mobility, like e-bikes and e-scooters.

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