Truck as a Service

Accelerate. De-risk. Simplify.

Truck as a Service

Accelerate. De-risk. Simplify.

An ownership solution designed to enable the next chapter of sustainable city deliveries.

We understand the complexity fleets face when transitioning to electric. That’s why through Truck as a Service, customers receive the infrastructure, services and support required to seamlessly introduce electric vehicles into their operations, all for a predictable monthly fee. ​

Enabling electrification

Trucks as a Service Includes:

Electrification Services

Charging and Infrastructure

Maintenance and Servicing

Financing and TCO





Like most businesses and fleets, we know the time for electrification is now, which is why we accelerate the transition to electric through unrivalled access to an integrated range of services, support and infrastructure.

Our turnkey solutions sit within a unique EV ecosystem designed to balance speed of deployment with configuration, tailoring the delivery to meet each fleets specific needs. ​


Less risk, more reward is top of many fleet managers objectives when adopting an electric fleet. Our leading finance solution, an all-inclusive operating lease delivers on this by innovatively protecting commercial fleets from high upfront costs and exposure to unpredictable residual values.

The result; a limited-risk all-electric solution that is TCO competitive from day one. ​


In a fragmented market with many players, identifying the what, when and how of commercial vehicle electrification can be time consuming, overwhelming and at points, simply confusing.

That’s why through Truck as a Service, each solution is delivered by an integrated network of Volta Trucks experts, project managers and engineers, alongside a range of best-in-class partners to deliver innovative, efficient and simplified solutions.​

Truck as a Service

Truck as a Service places sustainability at the heart of each fleet’s commercial vehicle operation, extending beyond the Volta Zero’s zero tailpipe emissions. Through our circular business model, where Volta Trucks retains responsibility for the repair and recycling of each vehicle, we are incentivised to design a truck that is built to last.

That is why our innovative TaaS solution covers software and hardware updates, comprehensive service and maintenance, and end-of-life battery management.

TCO Calculator

Our electrification experts can help you recognise the cost benefits of switching to electric, from reduced operating costs and inner-city congestion charge exemption to all available incentives, subsidies and tax reductions.

To request a TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) comparison, analysing the costs of your current fleet operation with a like-for-like Volta Zero electric fleet, simply follow the link below and share basic information on your current fleet.

Truck as a service

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Truck as a Service

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