Volta Zero

Created specifically for urban distribution

Up to 150-200km


Up to 7T



Bright, spacious cabin

Optimum visibility

Central driving position, panoramic vision

Complete solution

Inc. integrated chassis cab with box


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Intelligent design for safer operations; the Volta Zero has been engineered from a blank sheet of paper with both driver and vulnerable road user safety at its core.

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    220° driver vision
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    Central driving position
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    360 degree cameras & sensors


Our all-electric trucks are significant contributors to the future vision of zero tailpipe emission cities all over the world.

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    All-electric truck with up to 150-200km range
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    Very quiet running for urban operations
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    Optimised load-carrying capacity of up to 7t


Our products and services address and integrate all of your fleet needs helping accelerate your transition to electrification.

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    Cost-effective solutions
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    Tailored services
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    De-risked and accelerated transition

Our Models

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Our trucks protect vulnerable road users, and are significant contributors to
the future vision of zero-emission cities all over the world.

Ambient Volta Zero

Storage at room temperature

Refrigerated Volta Zero

Storage for temperature sensitive cargo

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Insights from Real World Trials

We have given our potential customers use of the Volta Zero to experience the world’s first purpose-built, all-electric truck within their day-to-day operations, called the Driving Experience programme.

Trialling the Volta Zero within their own unique urban environment enables them to understand how it will integrate into their existing fleet and gain valuable feedback from key stakeholders.

“The Volta Zero is clearly a very well thought out design that is not only providing an opportunity to reduce the carbon footprint of mid-range trucks but also improve safety in urban distribution.”

The Volta Zero

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Join us on this exciting journey to a more sustainable and safer future with the all-electric Volta Zero.

Volta Trucks has unveiled the all-electric Volta Zero. Designed for inner-city deliveries, the Volta Zero will provide a cleaner and quieter alternative to traditional delivery trucks

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We are delivering full-electric trucks and revolutionising vehicle ownership, supporting and accelerating the industry towards safer and more sustainable operations.

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