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We are now taking pre-orders for the Volta Zero for 2023 delivery. Let us help you transition your fleet of delivery vehicles to a full-electric solution. To help make city centres safer and more sustainable for everyone.

150 - 225 kWh

150-200 km


Battery Capacity (Usable)

90 - 125 miles (Range)

Tailpipe Emissions

150 - 225 kWh

Battery Capacity (Usable)


150-200 km

90 - 125 miles (Range)



Tailpipe Emissions


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Fuel Type Electric
Standard Range Up to 150 km (90 mi)
Long Range Up to 200 km (125 mi)
Battery Capacity (Standard Range) 164 kWh (gross) 150 kWh (usable)
Battery Capacity (Long Range) 246 kWh (gross) 225 kWh (usable)
Max Speed 90 km/h (56 mph)


Low Entry Yes
Heated Steering Wheel Yes
Sliding Doors Yes
Automatic Air Condition Yes
Driver Airbag Yes
Electronic Parking Brake Yes
Heated Windscreen Yes
Satelite Navigation Yes
Heated Seat Yes
Touch Screen Vehicle Controls Yes
Driver Position Central
Number of Seats 3
Homologated for European Operation Yes


Rear View Camera (Interior and Side) Yes
Wrap-Around Windscreen Yes
Front and Rear Parking Sensors Yes
Bi-LED Dipped and Main Beam Yes
Reversing Camera Yes
Automatic Headlamps Yes
360° Camera Yes
Payload Weighing Yes
Direct Vision Rated 5 Star Yes
Vehicle Alarm Yes
NFC Key Card Yes


Over-the-Air Software Update Capability (OTA) Yes
Remote Logging and Data Collection Capability Yes
Remote Diagnostic Capability (Depot and Real-Time) Yes


Tail lift type Foldable slider
Tail lift capacity (kg) 2,000
Tail lift platform size (mm) 2,300 x 1,080
Tail lift type Cantilever
Tail lift capacity (kg) 2,000
Tail lift platform size (mm) 2,300 x 1,080
Tail lift type Column (UK only)
Tail lift capacity (kg) 1,500
Tail lift platform size (mm) 2,300 x 1,080
Additional optional features include:
Spare wheel, fire extinguisher, cabin camera, video recording, ADR package

Driving Experience Programme

Get ready to enter a new era of sustainable urban deliveries. Test drive the all-electric Volta Zero in your own urban environment with the Volta Trucks Experience Programme.


Your freedom to discover

Our trucks protect vulnerable road users, and are significant contributors to the future vision of zero-emission cities all over the world.

The Proterra Powered batteries offer a standard range of up to 150 kms (90 miles) with two battery packs, and a long range of up to 200 kms (125 miles) with three battery packs – more than enough for most inner-city logistics and distribution vehicles. Each battery pack delivers industry-leading energy density and all of them are located between the chassis rails – the safest possible location.

The driver-centric approach to comfort and safety enhances the premium experience and working environment for drivers. The central and low driving position offers a 220° range of visibility and minimises blind spots. Sliding doors and a low step provide smooth ingress and egress.

The Volta Zero features Europe’s first use of a truck e-Powertrain. Supplied by Accelera, the compact electric motor, transmission, and axle unit provide enhanced efficiency to deliver increased range.

The Ambient Range

Discover the advantages

Based on the 16T Ambient Volta Zero

Box Body

Box Height (mm) 2,355
Box Length (mm) 7,047
Box Width (mm) 2,550
Box Volume (m3) 37.7
Load Floor (mm) 1,150 – 1,300
Box Type Ambient
Rear Door Type Barn (standard)
Roller shutter, manual or powered (optional)
Tail Lift Foldable slider, cantilever, column (UK only) (optional)
Max Payload (kg) 7,650 (standard range) / 7,150 (long range)


Total Height (mm) 3,470
Total Length (mm) 9,289
Total Width (mm) 2,550
Wheelbase (mm) 4,800
Turning Circle (m) 14
GVW (kg) 16,000
Front Axle Plated Mass (kg) 6,500
Rear Axle Plated Mass (kg) 11,000

Join the Electric Revolution

Let us help you transition to a full-electric delivery vehicle fleet, to help make city centres safer and more sustainable for all.


Designed for electric - designed for safety

Explore the driver’s world and see what it’s like to sit behind the wheel of the 16-tonne electric Volta Zero, compared to a traditional, internal combustion engine truck.

Traditional Truck

The Volta Zero

Have you seen our Refrigerated Model?

Storage for temperature sensitive cargo

Download our Electrification Handbook

Helping fleet managers and decision makers understand the opportunities and benefits of fleet electrification. It unpacks the key milestones along the journey to electrification, countering common misconceptions, and highlighting the benefits the transformation will create for your business.

Join the Electric Revolution

We are now taking orders for the Volta Zero for 2023 delivery in England, France, Spain, Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden and coming soon to North America and Italy. Let us help you transition to a full-electric delivery vehicle fleet, to help make city centres safer and more sustainable for all.


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