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Reimagining principles


We care about drivers; you care about drivers. Let's put them first and central...

We understand that as a fleet manager, your drivers are a crucial element of your business and that you care about their individual welfare.

The all-electric Volta Zero was developed with drivers, literally, at its core. From the low entry cab allowing for easy and safe access, to the panoramic window delivering optimum visibility; plus, cameras for a 360-degree birds-eye view of other road users, safety is at its heart.

Our all-electric truck provides your driver a bright and spacious cab to spend their working day in.  It looks, feels, and sounds more like a luxury passenger car than a commercial vehicle, with an exceptionally low sound level and sleek design, it’s a space your driver will feel inspired to work in.

“Designing the Volta Zero without the legacy of an internal combustion engine enabled our designers and engineers to completely reimagine established truck design principles.”

Ian Collins
Chief Product Officer, Volta Trucks

Optimum Visibility

The driver has a wide 220-degrees of direct vision around the vehicle. This panoramic view of the surroundings through a glasshouse-style cab delivers a Transport for London five-star Direct Vision Standard rating for optimum visibility.

Easy Visual Communication

The driver sits in a low and central position, eliminating blind spots, and mirroring the eye-line of nearby pedestrians and other road users for easy visual communication.

Central Seating

The central seating position also aids driver entry and exit, with a low step height allowing safe and easy access through fast-opening sliding doors, directly onto the pavement and never the busy carriageway.

Contemporary & Spacious

Driver comfort has been optimized by minimising cognitive overload. The cabin has intuitive user interfaces. The Volta Zero delivers a premium experience and workspace for drivers, encouraging recruitment and retention for fleet operators.

Explore Safety Features

Designed for electric – designed for safety

The Volta Zero is the world’s first purpose-built all-electric 16-tonne commercial vehicle. Designed to improve inner-city safety for vulnerable road users and air quality, the Volta Zero is a significant contributor towards the future vision of zero emission cities.

Traditional Truck

The Volta Zero


In truck design, safety is all about vision. The Volta Zero’s innovative designs provides industry-leading visibility to protect the driver and other road users.