Beyond the tailpipe

A vehicle for change


Climate change is widely recognised as the single greatest threat to our existence.

We are the first generation to feel the effects of climate change and the last who can act to reverse it. As a full-electric commercial vehicle brand, sustainability is at our core. We know that traditional diesel trucks are quite literally fuelling this crisis, and we want to change that.


Fuelling this crisis are diesel trucks, responsible for 19% of road-going CO2 emissions, despite only accounting for 6% of vehicles on the road.

Transport & Environment, 2022


Improve air quality by minimising tailpipe NOx. Poor air quality will cause 183,000
deaths by 2040.

The International Council on Clean Transportation, 2017

kg (co2e)

One Volta Zero prevents 194.5* metric tonnes of GHG (or CO2e) from entering our atmosphere. Equivalent to the CO2e from 98,842 kg of coal burned.**

*Estimate based on tailpipe emissions only and 40,000 km per year mileage over 8 years, not on a full life cycle assessment.
**Calculation provided by EPA (

The air we breathe

99% of people – almost the entire global population – breathe in air that exceeds the World Health Organisation’s Air Quality Guidelines. But it doesn’t have to be this way. In city centres, internal combustion engine trucks cause almost 30 tonnes of health-impacting air pollution every year. Watch how by switching to electric, we can eliminate harmful tailpipe emissions.

Development Goals

We strongly believe in the Sustainable Development Goals set out by the United Nations. These goals call to end poverty, protect the planet, and ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity by 2030 so that we leave the planet in a better place for future generations.

Together, with our customers and suppliers, we are working towards improving the below Global Goals, as set out by the United Nations.


Today’s vehicle for tomorrow’s generation.

Sustainability is more than just tailpipe emissions — it’s about the wider environmental issues that we need to address today.

We have a responsibility to be part of the solution to the defining societal challenge of our time. Our vision stands up to meet that obligation. We are developing the capacity to continually reduce the overall environmental impact of our vehicles and the components they’re built from, through to our supply chain and manufacturing footprint.

The load-carrying capacity of our trucks is optimised, allowing operators to use fewer vehicles. Just one Volta Zero can remove up to five smaller vans from the roads, reducing congestion on city streets and improving air quality for all.

Our Life-cycle Analysis allows us to identify development opportunities for future variants of the Volta Zero. We use this data to minimise environmental impact over the vehicle’s lifespan, from design to manufacturing.

Our Supply Chain

Our Supplier Sustainability Assurance Process demonstrates a commitment to working with suppliers who share our goals: enhancing health and safety, working conditions, environmental standards, and human rights across the supply chain.

Transparency is also key. We work to know where all critical raw materials are sourced, so we can ensure that the highest ethical standards are upheld in our procurement process.


Future-proofing excellence

Volta Trucks is committed to long-term environmental protection

Our Quality and Environmental Management Systems ensure all aspects of our business surpass common industry standards. We’re striving to meet international environmental requirements across our business. To this end, we are pushing to achieve ISO 14001 certification, having already been awarded ISO 9001 certification.