Plan for 2024 Operations: Letter from the CEO

By Volta Trucks

Plan for 2024 Operations: Letter from the CEO

Essa Al-Saleh April 2024

We would like to thank all our stakeholders – customers, suppliers, investors, partners, and employees – for their continued support and commitment to our mission: making our cities safer, healthier and more liveable for all. Your support through this extraordinary time has been essential to creating and progressing to the below plan.

1. Funding

Beyond the Seed Round financing provided by Luxor Capital to restart the business, we are now engaging investors on our full funding plan. This includes an immediate round of financing and a Series A offering in mid-year 2024.

2. Commercial

Most of our prospective customers from 2023 remain committed to their electrification goals and look forward to trialling and purchasing the Volta Zero.

  • Trucks-on-Road – We have started our “User Experience” trials in the UK and will have a fleet of 15+ Volta Zeros operating in UK, Germany, and France by May. These vehicles will be available to customers for in-field use and are an important step to driving the adoption of electric commercial vehicles.
  • Paris Olympics – We are also working with select customers on featuring our Volta Zero in Paris, as part of contributing to “the greenest Olympics ever.”

3. Manufacturing and Start of Production

Restart of the production will be initiated once Series A funding is completed. With our long-standing partner Steyr Automotive, we will return to a controlled and steady production ramp-up in the later part of the year.

4. Supply Chain

We are working closely with each of our more than 100 suppliers to develop individual plans for resuming deliveries in line with our production plans. We are thankful for the positive engagement and the constructive dialogue to achieve our mutual objectives.

5. Product Development

Work on GSR2 certification, systems development and body builder processes have been ongoing. All these efforts are timed to support the production and delivery plans.

6. Service Network

Our previously engaged Certified Service Partners remain enthusiastic. Volta Trucks has  finalised or is in advanced discussions for the support of over 100 workshops in Germany, UK, France, Sweden, and Norway. Additionally, discussions are underway with and a broader EU workshop network across 14 additional countries.

Much more additional work is going on in parallel. We will continue to post updates as our plan progresses and new information is available. We look forward to working with all our stakeholders in realising the vision and promise of the Volta Zero: Delivering the safest, most driver- and urban- friendly electric vehicle in our class.


Essa Al-Saleh
Chief Executive Officer

What do experts think?

We have live customer trials running across Europe – with feedback gathered via an anonymous survey – these are some of the current results

Cabin Accessibility

Rated 4.4 out of 5

Vehicle Manoeuvrability

Rated 4.2 out of 5


Rated 4.2 out of 5


Rated 4.6 out of 5



Captured with customers in 2023 during trial. Full data source available on request.

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