Volta Trucks: A Rising Star in Zero Tailpipe Emission Commercial Transportation

By Volta Trucks

Volta Trucks: A Rising Star in Zero Tailpipe Emission Commercial Transportation

Anthony Ferreira| August 2023

At Volta Trucks, our commitment to zero tailpipe emission transportation has been recognised in a new report by the renowned Transport and Environment (T&E) organisation. This recognition, as the highest positioned EU-based new all-electric truck company, confirms our commitment to the global transition to clean and sustainable commercial transportation, and highlights how far we have progressed in the global rankings in such a short space of time.  

The report highlights the need for ambitious targets to be met to ensure the transition to zero tailpipe emission transport and a cleaner and more sustainable future, and to meet the target for the abolition of the production of CO2-emitting vehicles by 2035.  

The T&E report does not just reflect the CO2 emissions by a manufacturer’s truck. Instead, it assesses each manufacturer’s ability and preparedness to reduce the carbon footprint of truck use in general. The criteria include a zero tailpipe emission sales target, industrial strategy, and clear plans for the procurement of resources for battery development. It is in these areas that our efforts at Volta Trucks have demonstrated high levels of innovation and commitment from our team. 

Innovative Industrial Strategy

The Volta Zero is the first purpose-built 16-tonne all-electric truck for urban delivery, representing a paradigm shift in commercial vehicle operations. This innovation offers a next-generation driving experience, combining zero tailpipe emissions and a revolutionary new driver position that offers unprecedented visibility, meaning far greater levels of safety. 

To accelerate the rollout of this groundbreaking vehicle, we have developed a pioneering Truck-as-a-Service model, turning the traditional sales-oriented approach on its head. This model ensures that customers have access to our state-of-the-art, zero tailpipe emission vehicles without the need for upfront capital expenditure. The vehicles are also maintained and updated regularly to ensure they remain at the forefront of technology and performance, thereby optimising operational efficiency and sustainability for fleet operators. 

Optimal battery location  

At Volta Trucks, we are pushing the boundaries of what is possible in electric commercial vehicles. Our battery pack provides industry-leading energy density and a number of driving range options.  

Unlike traditional truck designs, we have strategically positioned the battery modules of the Volta Zero to maximize both vehicle efficiency and safety. The battery’s low and central placement between the chassis rails ensures a lower center of gravity, enhancing the truck’s stability and handling on urban roads. This is also the safest possible location in the event of an accident. 

Our innovative battery technology complements the pioneering spirit of Volta Trucks, enhancing the performance, reliability, and safety of our electric vehicles. 


Commercial Vehicle Decarbonisation Sales Target 

Sofie Defour, freight director at T&E, said:

“European truck makers all claim to be green, but the reality is less than half of them are on track to go to zero emissions and only via voluntary commitments. There’s a huge gap in the truck industry between manufacturers with a plan to fully decarbonise and those without. The EU needs strong truck CO2 standards to bring the whole European industry up to speed.” 

Contrary to the legacy truck companies that exist in today’s market, at Volta Trucks, there is no need for a painstaking programme to comply with net zero targets. This is because we solely produce all-electric vehicles, so no actual transition is needed for our fleet, leaving us 100% focused on what matters to us most – producing groundbreaking, sustainable vehicles that produce zero tailpipe emissions.  

Our success sets a precedent for regulators across the globe, providing evidence that bold targets are not only achievable but can stimulate innovative solutions that can transform industries. By setting ambitious goals and implementing strong CO2 standards, regulators can encourage and accelerate the transition to more sustainable vehicles. 

Leading the way to a sustainable future 

Our successful rise in these rankings in a relatively short space of time is a testament to the possibilities that emerge when passion for sustainability is combined with innovative thinking and bold action. As we move forward, the role of industry disruptors like Volta Trucks will be crucial in driving the global transition towards sustainable commercial transportation.

Volta Trucks are now taking pre-orders for the Volta Zero for 2023 delivery

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