“What if a truck had a soul?” Volta Trucks Launches New Marketing Campaign

By Volta Trucks

The new marketing campaign from Volta Trucks, titled ‘If a Truck had a Soul,’ aims to highlight the human-centric qualities of the all-electric Volta Zero. The campaign focuses on promoting safety, sustainability, and driver comfort in last-mile logistics.

The central message of the campaign is the need to transition towards zero-tailpipe emission vehicles and emphasises the importance of sustainable change in city centres. It encourages the audience to question what further improvements are necessary to achieve this goal. The campaign underscores that Volta Trucks’ all-electric commercial vehicles are specifically designed for urban distribution, aiming to reduce the harmful pollution that contributes to climate change and local air quality issues.

Throughout the campaign, the strapline ‘If a Truck had a Soul’ is emphasised, highlighting the benefits that the Volta Zero can bring to city centres and the people living in them, both in Europe and around the world. The campaign is set against the backdrop of classic Parisian neighborhoods, showcasing city dwellers who will be the primary beneficiaries of the Volta Zero’s safety and sustainability innovations.

The campaign also features a female driver who calls attention to the distinct advantages of the Volta Zero’s design for drivers, including the ease of ingress and egress with dual-sided sliding doors. The central driving position, unique camera system, and lower cab height are highlighted as features that improve the driver’s direct vision in urban environments. This not only benefits drivers, but also pedestrians, cyclists, and all other vulnerable road users exposed to the dangers of traditional trucks.

Overall, the campaign aims to create awareness about Volta Trucks’ commitment to safety, sustainability, and driver welfare in urban logistics, while promoting the advantages of their all-electric commercial vehicles for city centres.

Chief Executive Officer of Volta Trucks, Essa Al-Saleh, said;

“We care about cities and the people in them and are leading the way to accelerate change in the industry through the transition to zero tailpipe-emission commercial vehicles. Our new ‘If a Truck Had a Soul’ campaign demonstrates our philosophy to have people at the heart of everything we do, as we strive to make our cities safer and more sustainable for all.”

Duncan Forrester, Chief Communications Officer of Volta Trucks agreed.

“As a company, Volta Trucks has people as a central focus, so it was a natural fit to reflect this on the truck. The Volta Zero is now operating in urban environments with our customers, so the campaign sets out to demonstrate the positive differences that our truck will bring to city centre residents compared to the existing vehicles. We aim to convey how quiet, clean, and safe the vehicle is, and how suitable its combination of attributes is for sustainable city environments.”

What if a truck had a soul?

If a truck had a soul, we think it would be as caring, quiet, as clean, and as safe as the all-electric, human-centric Volta Zero.