Elias Selby, Programme Lead, “Disrupting the norms of our expectations.”

By Volta Trucks

Elias Selby joined Volta Trucks as Volta Zero Programme Lead in November 2021. In his role, Elias project manages and coordinates critical information from stakeholders and departments across the business to ensure we deliver the Volta Zero on time to customers in early 2023. In this blog post, he reflects on his time at Volta Trucks so far.


How was your first week at Volta Trucks?

My first week was filled with a warm welcome and a positive atmosphere. Unlike other roles I have started at previously, I felt a lot of ownership within the first week and it made my role feel instantly meaningful and integrated within the whole team.


What has been your biggest challenge since starting here?


The breadth of my role is ever-expanding, more than I could have imagined in such a short space of time.


How have you overcome this challenge? What have you learned from it?

Moving fast and maintaining pace is key.

However, with a talented and experienced team around me there are also plentiful strong ideas and opinions to take into account, which can sometimes be overwhelming. Therefore, it is important to focus on maintaining a trajectory for deadlines and objectives using our greatly connected agile project tools, to ensure we stay on plan for closure.


How do you hope the world will change in five years?

With more and more advances in connective technology and the world accepting a post-covid hybrid work life, I’d like to see better ways to engage with the team virtually.

I can see a big change in the way we interact at work. For example, perhaps we’ll see a Meta virtual work environment future where we can have a meeting in the metaverse.

Naturally, this could further reduce our carbon footprint as we travel less and work from other suitable environments. We might also start to employ great talent from parts of the world where companies previously did not have the geographic reach, and support career opportunities and growth in economies around the globe.


How is what you’re doing at Volta Trucks helping shape the future you’re hoping to see?

Our cloud-based agile project practices are keeping our teams instantly connected wherever they are, so they can receive live updates and provide live data anytime, anywhere.


What would your dream EV be?

A Volta Zero packed with a Porsche Taycan Turbo S (it fits I’ve checked).


In your own words, what does Volta Trucks mean to you?

An opportunity to work on a product that can enact change in the world and disrupt the norms of our expectations and interactions with commercial vehicles.


About the header image: Elias and his partner love new experiences and traveling, this was a quick snap of our travels exploring Venice and the Prosecco Vigneto Colesel region. 


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