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Founded in 2019 by Carl-Magnus Norden and Kjell Waloen, Volta Trucks aims to accelerate the transition to fully electric trucks, reducing the effects of climate change and helping to make our cities safer, healthier and more sustainable for everyone.

“My true goal is to inspire the rest of the sector to join us in the fight against climate change.”

Carl-Magnus Norden
Founder, Volta Trucks

Where it began

Safety was (and remains) the driving force.
Stopping unnecessary deaths caused by commercial vehicles became Carl-Magnus’ passion.

In the cities, it’s not global warming that causes fatalities, today it is the effect of the fumes and particulates that cause serious damage to our health. Electrification stops these fumes from infusing our lungs, our cities and from causing air pollution.


The journey stepped up a gear as Carl-Magnus immersed himself in the sector, gaining invaluable insight into the market – understanding the problems existed and what solutions could be offered in a new vehicle’s designs. Carl-Magnus saw an opportunity that could help to both limit climate change and to make a positive impact in our cities.

And Volta Trucks was born.

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“I wanted to offer a tangible solution for fleet operators to address climate change and the associated current and future legislation, such as the ban of diesel engines in Paris. I also wished to enhance the safety of pedestrians and cyclists in urban environments – TfL statistics show that, in London, trucks account for just 4% of road miles travelled, yet are responsible for 26% of pedestrian fatalities and 78% of cyclist fatalities.”

Carl-Magnus Norden
Founder, Volta Trucks

The origin of our name

Wanting the name to have clear connections to the theme of electrification, Carl-Magnus reflected on the many happy family excursions he had enjoyed to Como, the birthplace of Alessandro Volta, renowned Italian physicist, chemist and pioneer of electricity and power.

It was during these times when Carl-Magnus was staying in Piazza Volta, which hosts a statue of the scientist, that he truly understood who Alessandro Volta was and the legacy he had left behind. Alessandro Volta continues to inspire Volta Trucks to this day.


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