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Safer, Sustainable, and Designed with Purpose

Beyond the tailpipe – a vehicle for change. Our all-electric trucks are built to stop polluting fumes from infusing our lungs, cities and causing air pollution.

From the all-electric, zero-tailpipe emission drivetrain, to the central driving position, at Volta Trucks, we apply human-centric design approach to the urban delivery truck.

The result: the Volta Zero. A whole new design that puts people and the cities they live in first. Probably the most soulful truck in the world.

Our Journey

Volta Trucks was founded in 2017 by Swede Carl-Magnus Norden, alongside Norwegian co-founder Kjell Waloen, with a clear goal.


The people driving change

Here are the people and stories behind delivering full-electric trucks and revolutionising vehicle ownership.


Our Vision

To be the leader in zero emission transport, reducing the effects of global warming and making our cities safer, healthier and more pleasant for all.



We are the first generation to feel the effects of climate change and the last who can act to reverse it.



In truck design, safety is all about vision. The Volta Zero’s innovative designs provides industry-leading visibility to protect the driver and other road users.


Designed for Purpose

At Volta Trucks, we’re not just about changing gears; we’re shifting paradigms. Safety is our priority. Innovation is our tool. Transforming cities into a more tranquil and sustainable ecosystem is our ambition.


To be the leader in zero emission transport, reducing the effects of global warming and making our cities safer, healthier and more pleasant for all.

The time for change is now

Carl-Magnus Norden

What we need are advocates for the leaders in this space who can steer the world away from creating any more tail-pipe emissions. A reality in which full-electric delivery fleets operate in cities around the world is one tangible way to reduce the damage and minimise suffering from harmful fossil fuel pollution.

Many people looked to their governments for guidance. Yet, while politicians would often agree that “we should do something”, they would talk about goals that were 10 or 25 years away and, by then, it would be too late. I was convinced that there was an opportunity to act much faster.

Carl-Magnus Norden

READ MOREOur story is best told by our founder

“It was great to see the result live on the streets of Paris. It all started with an idea – now it’s a reality and we look forward to adding the first pilot vehicles to the fleet in Europe at the beginning of 2023.”

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Driving Experience Programme

We have given our potential customers use of the Volta Zero to experience the world’s first purpose-built, all-electric truck within their day-to-day operations, called the Driving Experience programme. Trialling the Volta Zero within their own unique urban environment enables them to understand how it will integrate into their existing fleet and gain valuable feedback from key stakeholders.


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