Maxine Simcox, Design Engineer (Cargo Systems), “I realised how much improvement we could make to the world through engineering”

By Volta Trucks

Behind the picture: Here, Maxine is teaching a salsa and cha cha class to some of her colleagues 

To celebrate International Women in Engineering Day 2023, we are thrilled to introduce one of the exceptional engineers on our team at Volta Trucks – Maxine Simcox.

In this blog post, Maxine shares her journey and unique perspective on pursuing a career in engineering, inspiring and encouraging young women to follow their passion and excel in the field.


What inspired you to pursue a career in engineering, and how did you get started in this industry? 

Mechanical Engineering wasn’t ever something I had my heart set on at school, I just knew I loved physics and problem solving. It was during my degree, I realised how much improvement we could make to the world through engineering and that is where my head has been ever since.

What do you enjoy most about your role at Volta Trucks? 

What I enjoy about my role is the diversity and autonomy. My favourite parts of the role are also the biggest challenges. Being a start-up, you get to interact with so many areas within the business and are constantly facing the challenge of figuring things out for the first time. While it can be difficult, it keeps things exciting.

What are some of your proudest accomplishments since joining the team, and how have you grown professionally in this role?

One of my proudest moments so far was at Mira, our proving ground, where I personally fitted my first prototype part to the truck by hand which I had designed.

Being part of the adaptations team allows me to be exposed to and work on several projects at once, so allows the pace at which I’m growing professionally to be dramatically increased. I’m learning new things every day from both the projects and the very talented team I am surrounded by.

What do you think sets our company apart from others in our industry?

I believe that because the automotive industry and the commercial vehicle industry have been around for such a long time, there are set deep set industry cultures which may not have advanced as much as in other industries. I think Volta has entered with a more of a clean slate and I think my attitude and views contribute to the positive changes our culture represents.

How do you collaborate with other members of the team in a remote and global environment?

Personally, I find the biggest difference outside of the office is the social aspect you don’t have from small chats at the coffee machine or when you sit next to someone new, but I think it is important to still try and participate in conversations where you get to know your colleagues online, too. It also makes going into the office a much more enjoyable experience.  

How do you balance work with other aspects of your life? 

The flexibility we have with hybrid working has a huge positive impact on work/life balance. It takes away travel time and keeps the social battery from depleting too much.

Finally, what is your favourite thing to do outside of work? 

Anything that involves live music, wild swimming, exploring nature, or dancing – I’ll be happy.


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