Melina Campagna Perales, Senior Manufacturing Engineer, “Engineering is a genderless profession”

By Volta Trucks

To celebrate International Women in Engineering Day 2023, we’re excited to introduce you to one of the talented engineers on our team at Volta Trucks: Melina Campagna Perales.  

In this blog post, you’ll learn about her journey and hear her unique perspective on pursuing a career in engineering. 


What inspired you to pursue a career in Engineering, and how did you get started in this industry? 

My curiosity has always driven me to understand how things work and find efficient ways to carry out everyday tasks. I wanted a career that would open doors to endless possibilities: working with a variety of companies, products, tasks, and challenges. Working as an engineer, I can have the life and freedom that I wished for myself. 

What do you enjoy most about your role at Volta Trucks? 

Volta Trucks is developing a new concept in the trucks industry, and being part of it makes me feel like a part of the history to come.

What do you think sets our company apart from others in our industry?

We’re constantly striving to improve the design of the Volta Zero and bring the best new concept to the market.  

Our teams work hard to implement necessary changes quickly to ensure the best possible experience for our customers. 

I’ve never seen this level of dedication to continuous improvement in a high-volume company before. Volta Trucks is having a huge impact on the industry and each of us plays an important role in it. 

What advice would you offer to those looking to get into engineering?

Don’t be afraid to ask questions, create your own roadmap, and develop the necessary skills for your task.  

Engineering is a genderless profession (despite what some people may think), primarily reliant on our brains and computers. Your work is defined by your abilities, experience, and willingness to embrace new challenges. Remember, failure is part of the learning and growth process, so stay curious, remain open to learning, and trust in your abilities.  

Although being a woman in this male-dominated field can be challenging, I’ve seen a positive shift towards greater inclusion and awareness over the years. It’s an exciting time to be a woman in engineering! 

How do you collaborate with other members of the team in a remote and global environment? 

Technology has opened up new opportunities for building strong working relationships with colleagues, even when we haven’t had the chance to meet in person. With a range of platforms available for sharing information, video calls, chat, and collaborative systems, it’s easier than ever to work seamlessly with others.  

How do you balance work with other aspects of your life? 

The wellbeing of team members is prioritised, and for me, that’s truly incredible. Our managers are dedicated to our success, holding frequent 1:1 meetings to check in on how we’re doing and offer guidance if things aren’t going according to plan. You won’t find this level of care and support everywhere, and I’m grateful to be a part of a company that values its employees in such a meaningful way. 

Finally, what is your favourite thing to do outside of work? 

To have time for myself and to use it depending on my needs and wishes. I am grateful to be able to choose what I need and want.  


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