Rob Pagano, Manager of Indirect Procurement, “Everyone is incredibly collaborative.”

By Volta Trucks

Rob Pagano joined the procurement team in September. When he joined, he was one of the first people in Indirect Procurement, making it an exciting journey building the team since then. In this blog post, he reflects on his time at Volta Trucks so far.


Why did you choose to join Volta Trucks?

Before Volta Trucks, I worked for a large OEM in the purchasing department. I wanted to try something completely different, and Volta Trucks seemed to fit the bill.

I wanted to move somewhere with a blank canvas so I could really put my own stamp on things and build something from the ground up. Volta Trucks wasn’t just another start-up, we have a really great product and it’s now scaling up in a big way. For me, that was really attractive.


What is it like working for a scale-up, company?

I think, number one is agility, and being able to get things done very quickly.

The positive side is you can really put your own ideas forward, everyone is incredibly collaborative and has the common goal wanting to get things over the line and delivered.

With a larger organisation, there are often layers of governance before you can make these decisions, which can slow things down. At Volta Trucks, if you’ve got a good idea and how to deliver it, the decision is made very quickly and it’s all about implementation, which is really empowering and exciting.


What is your proudest achievement at Volta Trucks so far?

A lot of them are “work-in-progress”, but one of my proudest achievements is pulling together such a great team in a short space of time and getting our department off the line so quickly.


What has been your biggest discovery since working at Volta Trucks?

This is an interesting question. My biggest discovery is how I can go so quickly from feeling that as a team ‘we’re absolutely nailing this’, to feeling completely out of my depth. But it’s just recognising that it’s fine to feel like that because we’re all in the same position and we’re on a journey.

Everybody is working out how they’re going to make it work, and that’s just the nature of a scale-up.


What would your dream EV be?

I think the EV market has exploded in the last few years, and there’s so much to choose from! I quite like the Porsche Taycan as its looks good, and is fun to drive…

…and has 4 doors!


What does Volta Trucks mean to you?

It’s really exciting to be at such an early stage of Volta Truck’s journey where we’re pushing the boundaries of commercial EVs and changing how cities operate what they look like. We’re also creating a whole new way of what working with local and global options for those in the office and working remotely.


About the header image: This is a “before” picture of Rob on a beach in Australia, not really knowing what he had signed up for…


If you would like to find out more about Volta Trucks and our mission to make cities safer and more sustainable, you can see where we are on our journey by clicking here. If you are interested in joining the team, please take a look at current openings we have available here.

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